DVD: "Spetters", a Verhoeven who remained hidden

His shattering return to France with Elle (2016) proved it once again: the Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, who has lived more than one life between Europe and the United States, offers observers the typical example of palingenesic filmmaker, always able to regenerate.Before turning in Hollywood a handful of devious blockbusters (RoboCop, Total Recall, Starship Troopers) which made him famous, his first Dutch career (1971-1985) had very nearly shattered after the scandal triggered by Spetters (1980), which has since remained unjustly unrecognized.

Its reissue in "uncensored complete version" and in high definition Blu-ray copy gives the opportunity to return to this astonishing film, accused in its time of all the evils and appearing today as a hidden summit of its work.

Much more than a dirty comedy

After the elegant Soldier of Orange (1977) which recounted the engagement of the student elite in the resistance, Verhoeven and his screenwriter Gerard Soeteman wanted to look at the popular youth and drew their characters far from the capital, in the suburb of Rotterdam, among the gangs that practiced motocross as a form of outlet: Nothing (Hans Van Tongeren), Eef (Toon Agterberg) and Hans (Maarten Spanjer), three inseparable friends, sons of farmers or small traders, scour motocross competitions in the hope of one day achieving notoriety for their idol, national champion Gerrit Witkamp (then 36-year-old Rutger Hauer) .The rest of the time is wasted for them between odd jobs, outings in box and hormonal ranting.

One fine day arrives in town a banal fry house with on board the beautiful Fientje (Renee Soutendijk), a saleswoman determined to leave her narrow trailer.Among the three comrades who are vying for her favors, she is looking for which one will be more susceptible.to embark on its success.

Posted Date: 2020-09-29

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